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Poisoned strawberry chocolates


60 min


Poisoned strawberry chocolates
60 min


Will you dare to try these poisoned strawberry chocolates? Temptation is stronger than reason. But nothing is what it seems on Halloween… that’s why these horrific chocolates are delicious. You will just need to worry about not dying of pleasure when the strawberry filling explodes in your mouth.


Servings for 10

Dark chocolate 70 %
300 g
Strawberry jam
200 g
Orange juice or water
20 ml
Cayenne pepper



Blend the jam with the juice and keep it to one side. You can add a few drops of vegan red food colouring (that does not contain E120) to make it look more like blood.


Put the chocolate in a water bath. Melt it at about 45ºC. You will need the help of a kitchen thermometer.


Remove from the heat and grab a spatula. Stir the chocolate, scoop it up with your spatula, and raise your arm to drop the chocolate from a height. With this movement you will cool the chocolate little by little in a simple way, and without getting dirty. You can also put it in the fridge for a few minutes. You must get it to 29 - 30ºC.


Once the temperature has dropped, raise it slightly by placing the bowl in the saucepan again. Stir, and when it is between 31ºC and 32ºC you can use it.


Pour the chocolate into the molds, filling them to the top. Do this several times so that no air remains, and then hold the molds upside down over the bowl that you previously used to melt the chocolate. You must remove all the excess chocolate because right now you are only creating the outer layer of the sweet. Put them in the fridge.


Once the chocolate has hardened, put the filling inside, up to three quarters of the height of the mold. Take the cayenne pepper and cut it in half. Place it in two chocolates at random.


Repeat the same process with the chocolate but this time just finish filling the molds. Remove the excess with the help of a spatula and leave it to cool in the fridge until the next day.


Take them out of the mold with care. Now you have your Halloween chocolates ready! They are a sweet Russian roulette with which you will surprise at least two people, or just one who has bad luck!

Chef's tip

You can change how much chocolate you use to taste, and do the same in the case of the jam: use cherries, raspberry or other wild berries jam; just be sure it is red, to add that horror touch.


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