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Cooking ideas to succeed with your Tinder date

There are many people who still think you can flirt with somebody by having an expensive car, wearing clothes that leave nothing to the imagination, or showing how much you have in your wallet, like if you were in a 50 Cent video. We truly believe you can conquer your crush (the one you put an eye on, for those who were born before 1995) through cooking and eating. We have created a collection of cooking ideas for those people who panic every time they have a Tinder date because that’s how people have sex and relationships now, basically.

If you still have in your profile sentences like "I like to hang out with friends" —oh, really?—, 30 pics that make everybody think you spend your whole day snowboarding and climbing mountains (little ones), or you only have selfies like you have no friends at all, you do need this collection, trust us. Don’t panic; we don’t use too much garlic in any of the recipes. By the way, if it doesn’t work and you don’t really like the other person very much, just check out this other collection. It's pretty good to get rid of them quickly. We cover all the emotional areas here.

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