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Revenge is a dish best served hot

Love is in the air... and so is hate. We can't pretend we like everybody, and some even seem to live to make our existence worse, from the guy who sneaks on the bus to the one who sets department meetings on a Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon. But it's time for you to be the one on the other side. That's why we've put together this collection of recipes to take your revenge on that person who seems to enjoy poking you in the eye every day. Looking for inspiration, we've focused on our bosses because we know they're never going to read this, so anyway. But whether it's an ex, teacher, job mates, or your in-laws, use these recipes designed to get revenge with style and laugh in their face—less classy, but fun. Remember: revenge is a dish best served hot. By the way, we've also included a neutral version of the dishes for those who just want to cook and are above good and evil. Because we are a serious foodies website.

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