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Smoked fresh vegan cheese


15 min


Smoked fresh vegan cheese
Raw food
15 min
Eggs and dairy


We are into that Christmas menus time of the year, and the classical question comes back: what can a vegan eat on a Christmas meal? Probably somebody has made that question to you a bit too much worried. But the truth is making a vegan Christmas menu is easier than most people think. As a pretty good example, take this smoked fresh vegan cheese ball.


Servings for 3

Smoked tofu
250 g
Unsweetened soy yogurt
100 g
Nutritional yeast
15 g
Lemon juice
20 g
Apple cider vinegar
20 g
Olive oil
10 g
Lemon zest
10 g
5 g
Agar dissolve in water
2 g
For the batter
Chopped blueberries
Fresh thyme
Chopped roasted almonds



Crush all of the cheese ingredients except the agar and water. It does not matter if some small lumps remain. Keep it to one side.


Bring the agar and water to a boil, and after a few seconds, add the crushed mixture and stir until everything is well integrated. Continue to stir for about a minute and pour the cheese into a mould. Use the one you like the most. If you want to shape it into a ball, line a bowl with plastic wrap, pour in the cheese and close it at the top.


Keep it in the fridge for at least two hours. You can prepare it the day before it is needed.


Top the cheese with the blueberries, thyme, and chopped almonds.


Serve the cheese with toast, crackers, jams, fresh fruit, and vegetables. It keeps in the fridge for a week so you can prepare it in advance and simply set up the board minutes before your guests arrive.

Chef's tip

You can coat it with your favourite nuts, raisins, rosemary, pecans… Add a couple of drops of lactic acid for more flavour


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