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Homemade corn tortillas or fajitas bread




Homemade corn tortillas or fajitas bread
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Three ingredients are all you need to make an authentic Mexican meal with these homemade corn tortillas. Turn up the volume of the rancheras or our playlist for these grilled recipes because this is about to begin.


Servings for 10

Nixtamalized corn flour
200 g
Lukewarm water
280 g



Making your own homemade Mexican tortillas is as simple as mixing the three ingredients of the recipe. You just need to know a thing or two to start.


The flour for tortillas is nixtamalized flour. Nixtamalization is a technique used with corn where the corn kernels are cooked in an alkaline solution. This gives a particular flavour and characteristics to the corn. You can find this flour in hypermarkets or specialized stores, or online.


Toss the flour and salt in a bowl and add water, little by little. This dough does not need to be kneaded; just combine the ingredients until you have a wet, non-sticky dough to make small balls out of it.


Set it aside to rest for a few minutes and keep going with the rest of the recipe.


Make small dough balls of 45 g approximately to make tortillas of 15 cm in diameter.


To make thin, perfect shaped tortillas, we can use a tortilla press. Use a plastic bag, like a freezer bag or two pieces of parchment paper, in the press. Then, place the ball of dough inside and press.


The only difficult step in making our corn tortillas is handling them, especially when you need to remove them from the plastic after pressing them and before cooking them on the griddle. But there is nothing you cannot do with a bit of practice and the assumption that you will break a tortilla or two along the way.


If you do not have a tortilla press, flour your worktop to shape the tortillas with a rolling pin. Perhaps they will not be as thin as they could be using the press, but they will taste delicious anyway.


To cook them, place each tortilla on a very hot griddle and flip when you see the bubbles. We want them to be golden brown on both sides.

Chef's tip

When they are ready, use them with your favourite recipe and, if there are any left, freeze them or store them in a freezer bag inside the fridge. The tortillas will remain fresh for a week, and you just need to heat them on a skillet to enjoy them again.


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