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3 Tasty Tricks with Home-Made Yogurt


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A yogurt ice-cream is full of possibilities to combine and create any kind of home-made ice-creams. You can make ice creams with many different colors, add new flavors or even create your toppings. So take your yogurt out of the refrigerator and find some space in the freezer for these tricks with yogurt ice cream.


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YOGURT POPSICLES - Choose three edible colors to use with three yogurt tubs. Mix well until you have a homogeneous color and then fill the empty containers. Play with the different colors to create layers and, when they are fill, place a stick in every tub to create the popsicles. Freeze for 5 hours and then, carefully, remove every popsicle from the tub, so easy!


YOGURT SOFT SERVE - Mix yogurt with a pinch of vanilla sugar. In a freezer bag, place the yogurt and sugar and spread it. Put the bag in another bigger bag and insert some crushed ice and salt to freeze the yogurt fast. Cut one of the corners, like it was a pastry bag, and your home-made yogurt ice-cream will be ready.


YOGURT PEARLS - Add yogurt of three different flavors into squeeze bottles. You can add some edible colors to get brighter tones. Place some parchment paper on an oven tray and draw yogurt pearls. Fill the tray and freeze for 2 hours. Remove from the tray with a spatula, and they are ready to use as topping on your desserts.


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