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Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking 12/04/2021

Batch Cooking: smoked salmon salad with orange, veal and veggies stir-fry wok, salmon and avocado sandwich, veal steak, and cookies

Our Batch Cookings have more bright colours and flavourful tastes each time. Here we go with new recipes to cook our weekly and springful menu to begin the week full of joy. Ingredients Smoked salmon salad with orange 100 g Mesclun leaves 2 Smoked salmon slices 4 or 5 Orange wedges Chopped almonds Olive oil […]

Batch Cooking 22/03/2021

Batch Cooking: Chickpeas stew with curry, fresh pasta with prawns, chickpeas salad stuffed avocados, spicy prawn salad and yoghurt cups

Spring is here, and that is something our kitchen knows. Colour, light, joyful and flowers season has arrived, and we begin with this Batch Cooking today, enjoy! Ingredients Chickpeas stew with curry, yoghurt and fresh herbs 1 Onion, green and tender 2 Cloves of garlic 400g Canned chickpeas 2 Tablespoon of ground curry 2 Tablespoon […]

Batch Cooking 24/02/2021

Mexican Batch Cooking: Coleslaw, chicken skewers, fish tacos, Mexican soup with chicken and lionesas (profiteroles) with whipping cream

We travel to Mexico from our kitchen with these new Batch Cooking recipes. Enjoy this theme menu and give a new flavour to your week. Ingredients Homemade coleslaw ¼ Cabbage ¼ Red cabbage 2 Carrots Mint leaves Olive oil Lime juice Salt and pepper   Chicken skewers 1 Chicken breast ½ Onion ½ Green pepper […]

Batch Cooking 18/02/2021

Vegan Batch Cooking: zucchini burger, chickpeas with tomato and spinach, lemonade, salad, and zucchini omelette

The sun rises earlier, the days look a bit more colourful, and our kitchen finds new flavours telling us February is almost over, so here it comes our Batch Cooking farewell. March, we are waiting for you.   Ingredients Zucchini burger ½ Zucchini 2 Tablespoons of canned chickpeas 1 Clove of garlic 2 Tablespoons of […]

Batch Cooking 18/02/2021

Batch Cooking: Stir fry rice with veggies, pork loin with creamy mushroom sauce, oven-baked fish on seasonal veggies, creamy mushroom soup, and custard tartlets

If you have finished your Saint Valentine’s breakfast already, it is time to cook the next week menu. Today we bring you a very easy Batch Cooking, so you have enough time to enjoy this wonderful day as you wish. Ingredients Stir fry rice with veggies 3 Carrots 5 Mushrooms ¼ Broccoli 1 Clove of […]

Batch Cooking 02/02/2021

Batch Cooking: Special fried rice, creamy vegetable soup, peas with ham and poached egg, salmon with asparagus, and orange with chocolate

We wanted to enjoy Sunday at home and, why not, cook all the menus for this upcoming week with this new Batch Cooking recipes. Ingredients Special fried rice 200g Basmati rice 50g Asparagus 1  Egg 50g Cured ham 1 Carrot 50g Peas Soy sauce Olive oil   Creamy vegetable soup 100g Asparagus 2 Carrots 1 […]

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