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Happy snowman made out of marshmallows on the top of a cup for Christmas

Christmas dishes for our inside grinch

As it usually happens with most people, you probably don't like Christmas. When we bring that feeling to the kitchen, with a little bit of pressure due to the holidays, any failure tastes even bitterer. We want to help you with the cooking part with some easy, REALLY easy, even embarrassing ideas, so not even your grinch subconscious can ruin Christmas this year. Cheers to a Christmas free of complicated meals and to these Christmas dishes for our inside grinch!

Noel strawberries, no oven, no worries

Noel strawberries with heavy cream

Rudolph pancake, because with chocolate nothing is wrong

Rudolph pancakes with chocolate Christmas sweets

Tree toast with joy and cucumber (weird combination)

Christmas tree with bread and cucumber that nobody would like to eat

Or in puff pastry

Christmas tree starter with cucumber and puff pastry

And even with kiwi (this can't go worse)

Christmas tree with kiwi slices and red berries

Snowman with marshmallows

Happy snowman made out of marshmallows on the top of a cup for Christmas

Another tree, but with cheese (the further we go, the worse it looks)

Christmas tree made out of cheese

If you don't feel like cooking absolutely any of these dishes for Christmas, well, at least we hope you have smiled a bit, but do not blame the universe and learn to live with your grinch side.

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