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Filete de salmón envasado en envasadora al vacío Teka

Vacuum sealing to preserve all the flavour of your recipes

Bringing flavour to the next level is one of the most wanted treasures for any cooking fan. And many experts agree that vacuum sealing cooking is one of the best ways to achieve it.

When we vacuum pack food, removing all the air inside, we are adding an extra touch of flavour after exposing it to a hot source. This technique may be closer to haute cuisine, but you can easily have it at home now.

Teka vacuum sealing machine in the built-in drawer

It tastes better at a lower temperature

Cooking food that has been previously vacuum-packed may take more time than usual, but it will heat the piece of food evenly. The heat penetrates uniformly, keeping the texture and bringing all the aromas together for an amazing result.

Meat, vegetables and other food vacuum-packed on a countertop

Cooking technique

Low-temperature cooking happens at temperatures between 65°C and 85°C. Once the food is sealed, you can cook it in your steam oven or at Bain-Marie with a thermostat.

Red pan over low heat cooking food while a hand put the lid on

One thing at a time. And at the right temperature

Not all food needs the same cooking time or the same temperature for vacuum sealing cooking:

- Vegetables, fruits, and other greens need higher temperatures (100 °C), but they don’t need more time than usual.

- White meat, poultry, and some fish temperature is 85–90 °C, a little bit more than the regular cooking time.

- Red meat, roast beef, and sauté recipes need the lowest temperature. 70° will be enough. You will need to double the cooking time, though.

Vacuum sealing machines are part of many kitchens already, like any other small appliances, because we can use them daily for several things. They help us to plan weekly menus and keep food better than other options, and we are able to freeze both cooked and raw food. Meals and food keep their properties and freshness for longer, we prevent cross-contamination in the freezer, and we can enjoy all the flavour later. Furthermore, vacuum sealing preserves food from the growth of mould and bacteria. It is a good way to fight food waste, and we can also save some money at home easily and tastefully.

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