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Mission: perfect baking

We know you probably know your kitchen like the back of your hand, and so it happens with your oven. But sometimes you need to know even a bit more to bake the difference: you need to control some techniques. With the following eight easy steps, you will rule the art of using your oven like a pro:


Control the temperature


Rise the temperature above the needs of your recipe can look like a good idea to make it faster. But the only thing you will get is a dry result. Use the oven always at the right temperature: there is no rush.


The power of the residual heat

Residual heat in the oven

You can turn off your oven gradually before the recipe is done. In this way, you will take advantage of the residual heat, and your recipe will be juicer. But don’t open the door under any circumstances.


The fan oven matters

The fan distributes the heat so all the parts of the food are cooked evenly, something that will bring your recipe closer to perfection.

Pyrolytic oven with fan

Kitchen utensils and cookware


The kitchen and cooking utensils we use will improve the final result. If you need to whisk eggs or other ingredients, use a blender. It will create more air, and that will mean a better texture and a spongier result.


Non-stick spray

non-stick spray for baking

Use this magic trick in your pans and tins. You can also substitute it with butter or some flour.


Did you weigh everything?


Making a recipe means following every single step, and you do need to be accurate with weight. A digital scale can help you to ensure that accuracy.


Room temperature, please.

Meat at room temperature

Some ingredients need a certain temperature to reach the ideal point for cooking. So, bring them to room temperature by waiting a few minutes will help you get the most of the recipe.



Cooking time is essential to succeed. If you open the oven door to check your recipe, you will lose temperature, and you can say goodbye to the perfect baking. The oven has a glass and light, just use both.

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