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Brief introduction to the art of smoked food

Turn off your hood because today we cook with the smoking technique. We are introducing our new VarioPro Serie, a new cooking concept where the hood a modular part together with the hob, that one we want you to turn off right now to add some aroma to your smoking recipes.


Step by step: what does smoking food mean?


It is a method of cooking where you expose food to a smoking process. This smoke comes from burning non-resinous wood to make food have different tastes, textures, and colours.

Smoked rib

There are two types of smoking

Hot smoking, between 70-110 °C, made at the same time you are cooking the food, as it happens with barbecues, for instance.

Cold smoking, between 10-30 °C. The method does not cook food but adds flavour. It can be used with cheese or raw salmon for sushi. You can use a smoker for this purpose.

This method works for most food. It is easy and the results are delicious and savory.

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